Create simple, mobile-friendly landing pages with all your social media links for sharing with your followers and promoting yourself!

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Create simple, mobile-friendly social bio profile landing pages.

The only link your profile will ever need. Social Link Pages is a free WordPress plugin for creating simple, link-filled landing pages on your WordPress website. Have you noticed that Instagram only lets you add one link to your profile? How can you link to all your channels that way?

The answer is to create a simple, mobile-friendly landing page with all your social media links, so your Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter, anything else) profile includes all the channels you want it to! One simple link to share with your followers.

Promote everything with one single simple link.

One smart link

Create a single link (or many!) and use it for every profile. Get more out of your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter bios. Then track your traffic with easy-to-read analytics.

Use it everywhere

Add links to everything from your social accounts and website to your latest products and releases. Even your photos! Update once and changes are made everywhere.

Easier promotion

Plan campaigns, share urls and drive traffic. Targeted landing pages make it easier for your customers or fans to follow you and help spread the love.


Amazing social reach is just a few quick steps away! Check out the screenshots below to see just how easy it is to pull all your social channels into one simple link.


What's so great about having one page for all your links?

We're glad you asked! There are certain places where you're only allowed a single link. The most high profile of these is Instagram, which only permits you to have a single link in your bio. But there may also be times when you have a character limit and having a single, short link can help save space and avoid clutter.

Even when you don't need to preserve precious characters, maintaining one link from Social Link Pages keeps things simpler. That way, if you change a channel, like your FB page, you don't need to update the details across all your other sites. Just make the change on your Social Link Page and it'll be instantly reflected everywhere else.

How can Social Link Pages help with social media marketing?

Marketing products and services through social media can be a fast-paced game—you;'re often promoting products for short time periods. Manually changing the link in your profile to ensure it always reflects the latest information is not only time-consuming, but it limits the lifetime of your other campaigns.

Imagine you're linking to a sponsored product one day and hyping your latest blog post the next. Potential customers could easily see your sponsored product post a day or two late, but when they go to check out the "link in bio", they're directed to the blog post. Frustrated, they close the tab and that possible reader/subscriber/customer disappears.

OK, the tool's cool, but why is it in WordPress?

This is where we hold our hands up and admit something: the functionality we're offering isn't unique. There are other sites out there who can also make one link for all your socials. But by making Social Link Pages as simple as possible, and as part of that simplicity, putting it in WordPress, we wanted to make it dead easy for WordPress users to add these great links without having to leave their WordPress dashboard. It's one fewer site to log into, one fewer tab to have open, and an overall easier experience once you're already in WordPress managing your website/blog/store.

If it's so great, why is it free?

Because we believe it should be. At its most basic, Social Link Pages isn't complicated. It offers a service you can find elsewhere (outside WordPress) and we want to keep it freely available to casual and personal users.

However, if you want some more advanced features, we have put a lot of time, money and effort into creating our Pro and Pro Community add-ons. They give you more flexibility to promote different products, customized branding, scheduling options, support, and more. And if you want to help us keep offering our free version, as well as developing even better functionality for the add-ons, then making a purchase is a great way to do that.

Ready to start getting more out of your social profiles?

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