How to create your own Linktree alternative using a simple WordPress plugin

What's a good Linktree alternative using WordPress? Look no further than the Social Link Pages WordPress plugin!

Why use a WordPress plugin as a Linktree Alternative

You work hard to build your social profiles, promiting yourself and your brand. You upload gorgeous pictures and inspire your followers. Now you want to capture that traffic and promote your artwork, your writing, your album, whatever amazing work you do.

You have an amazing WordPress website that you've worked hard on to reflect you and your style. This is where you want your traffic to go.

But using a third party service like Linktree drives the traffic to their website, not yours!

By using a WordPress plugin like Social Link Pages, all traffic goes directly to your website. Visitors are taken to your website and stay on your website, where you want them.

Create your own Linktree alternative link-in-bio page on your WordPress site.

Here are the simple steps for creating your own Linktree-style link-in-bio page on your WordPress site.

1. Install the Social Link Pages WordPress plugin

From your beautifully designed WordPress website:

Login to your WordPress admin:

Select Plugins > Add New from the WordPress admin menu:

Search for "Social Link Pages" in the plugin search:

And select "Install Now" next to the Social Link Pages plugin:

Now click "activate" to activate the plugin:

You will now see the plugin installed on your "Plugins" page:

And the new "Link Pages" menu!

2. Create your first Social Link Page

Click on the "Link Pages" menu whenever you want to create new Social Link Pages or update a Social Link Page.

If you have not created any Social Link Pages, you will be prompted to create your first one.

Let's create a Social Link Page for our Instagram bio, so enter the slug "Instagram" in the field. This will be the url or website address of our page.

Click the "Create page" button to create the page, or press enter.

The page builder will open with your new page, ready to customize!

On the left are options for customizing your Social Link Page.

On the right is a preview of your Social Link Page.

You can always see the actual page by clicking the link above the preview:

And your Linktree alternative page is created!

Have fun exploring all the options for customizing your link-in-bio page. Update colors and fonts to match your branding and style.

If you need help, check out our support documentation. And if that doesn't answer your questions, contact us with questions.